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      • 25 RGB LEDs!
        Well, it's time for another update! As I explained earlier, my plan is to eventually have RGB LEDs stuck to a large piece of cloth (maybe 2.5x2.5 meters), and being able to fold these pieces of cloth for easy transportation. Since this requires a bit more work, and getting the right cloth etc.,

      • RGB LED Display Update
        I just came back from my friend Noel who has helped me a lot to get the PCB making process work perfectly each time. I have completely redesigned the board, and etched a total of 5 of these boards. I am going to solder them and provide another update here. After that, I can run 25 RGB LEDs :), one s

      • LED Display Part 1
        This is my first post about my RGB LED display. It has been designed and built completely from scratch and allows for dimming of RGB LEDs.

        Currently there are only 5 RGB LEDs, but this will expand to at least 100 RGB LEDs in the near future, as I get more circuit boards done. Some photos

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