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  • 2011
    • August
      • Ikea Dioder with Wireless Xbee Modification
        Hello everyone! As you know I've been working on a wireless Xbee-based home automation system designed to dim conventional lighting through dimmers installed inside walls. This can be found on the Seblectric website at

        Some people have asked me whether I can make a m

  • 2010
    • May
      • Update on the RGB LED Board!
        I know it's been a while, but I finally managed to write a post about the LED board. It contains 25 RGB LEDs, driven by 5 dimming LED controllers. The brain is an ATMega8 which takes care of reading from the SD Card, as well as accepting USB data through the FT232. I wrote a program in C# which

    • March
      • Exciting project

        Above is a 3d model of the PCB I'm currently getting professionally produced as a prototype. Once I have it soldered, I will put up pictures and videos of it working.

        It is a tile of 24x24cm consisting of 25 RGB LEDs. It has a USB connection, an Atmel Microcontroller as w

      • Long awaited update: now 49 RGB LEDs - a 7x7 matrix!
        Sorry for the long delays but finally here is an update to my project. There is a short teaser video below as well. First some construction pictures:

        The LEDs are stuck to a piece of 70x70 cm plywood. I have etched 5 new PCBS myself. Each PCB can drive 10 RGB LEDs,

    • February
      • Quick update
        I would just like to clarify that the board you see below is just a PROTOTYPE and my final display will have LEDs on cloth, on which I'm currently working. I'm planning on posting another update in the coming days/week.

        Questions can always be mailed to me

    • January
      • 25 RGB LEDs!
        Well, it's time for another update! As I explained earlier, my plan is to eventually have RGB LEDs stuck to a large piece of cloth (maybe 2.5x2.5 meters), and being able to fold these pieces of cloth for easy transportation. Since this requires a bit more work, and getting the right cloth etc.,

      • RGB LED Display Update
        I just came back from my friend Noel who has helped me a lot to get the PCB making process work perfectly each time. I have completely redesigned the board, and etched a total of 5 of these boards. I am going to solder them and provide another update here. After that, I can run 25 RGB LEDs :), one s

      • LED Display Part 1
        This is my first post about my RGB LED display. It has been designed and built completely from scratch and allows for dimming of RGB LEDs.

        Currently there are only 5 RGB LEDs, but this will expand to at least 100 RGB LEDs in the near future, as I get more circuit boards done. Some photos

  • 2009
    • November
      • NLP Master Steve Boyley visiting Malta
        On the 20th, 21st, 22nd November 2009, NLP master Steve Boyley will be visiting Malta. For more information about this event and how to register, please visit


  • 2008
    • July
      • Toronto 2008
        On the 26th of June 2008 I went to Toronto, Canada with my father. When we got there we both felt pretty tired so after we went to a bar and had a drink we went to sleep in our hotel. The next day we made a reservation to have dinner at the CN Tower, which was the world's tallest free-standing